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Elin 505340B / MCR 545 Z04 60Hz

Elin Generator for 1520/1650 KW wind turbine (max power 1650 kW), 60 Hz

The generator can be used as an upgrade for 1500kw turbines on 1650KW as the manufacturer (written confirmation available) can deliver a maximum output of 1650kw without restriction. for example, as an upgrade for the type AAER A1500-70/77 to 1650KW maximum power. They describe the part’s condition as new and have a lead time of Within 1-2 weeks. The generator has been stored in perfect environment and has never been in operation. The generators are fitted with a LINCOLN automatic greasing system with data logger. This spare wind turbine part is manufactured by Elin under part number 505340B /MCR 545 Z04 60Hz

Part number manufacturer: 505340B / upgrade or replacement for Generator Type 505340A
Part manufacturer: Elin
Production Date: 2010
Expected lead time: Within 1-2 weeks as requested
Product group: Generators
Wind turbine brand: Used in several WTG brands like NEG Micon, Vestas, GE, AAER
Quantity available: 5
Measurement unit: pcs
Condition: New
Warranty: No/yes as requested by client
Exchange components: No